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CGOA Hall of Fame Nomination Information
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We are now accepting nominations for the 2017 CGOA Jean Leinhauser Hall of Fame Award. Deadline to submit a nominee is January 23, 2017.  If you are interested in nominating someone please fill out the form below.   If you need some suggestions please review the list of “Who’s Who in Crochet"

Nominees will be compiled and voting will begin March 4, 2017.

CGOA Jean Leinhauser Hall of Fame

Please provide your information, as the individual nominating, in this section.

Please provide the information on the person you are nominating in this section. 

Please answer in paragraph style explaining your choice and why your nominee deserves this honor. Anonymous nominations will not be accepted. Think big, think creative, think icons. Think big, think creative, think icons. This program will not only bestow the honor on the recipient, but it will also encourage us to do more research, to be more creative and to have fun in the process as we celebrate those who have spanned generations and have led the way to the current state of crochet today.

How has your potential nominee made lasting contributions to crochet in general which will endure for future generations?

What areas of noteworthy expertise does your suggested nominee bring to the process? This may include selfless promotion of crochet; volunteerism in the form of teaching or crochet charitable contributions helping to provide scholarships, crochet outreach to encourage novice crocheters; serious devotion to crochet education; exemplary pride in and sharing of the art and craft of crochet; historical crochet research; technical crochet innovations; unusual ability in a specific crochet technique.

How has your chosen candidate affected or influence your outlook on the social culture of crochet?