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CGOA Message Board
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BOARD Moderator: Erica Taylor

How does the message board benefit me?

  • By locating a local chapter and/or assistance in developing one in your area.
  • Receive CGOA business information.
  • Receive announcements concerning special crochet events/information.
  • Ability to respond to requests for specific topics through mini polls.
  • Participating in live chat sessions with crochet celebrities, VIPs and others.
  • Meeting and networking with other members of CGOA's family.

How do I get started?

With the huge success of crochet and the growth of our membership we have set things up to get you started as smoothly as possible.

  • This board is for Crochet Guild of America Members only. If you are not a member, we welcome you to join CGOA.
  • If you are a member of CGOA, send an email with the following information:
    - name you registered under
    - email address you used at time of registration
    - your CGOA ID#.

Once you are confirmed, you will be able to access the CGOA Membership Message board. If you are a new member this process may take three to five working days.

So click on the link below and join the party!

CGOA-Membership Message Board

Are you a CGOA Professional Member?

You will also have access to the CGOA Professional Member Message Board after you have joined the CGOA Member Board.