2017 Design Competition
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CGOA 2017 Design Competition Winners

Judging took place on CGOA Conference in Chicago on July 27, 2017.

one $1,000 Grand Prize, and for each of the 7 judging categories one $300 First Prize, one $200 Second Prize and one $100 Third Prize.  There will also be special awards including, but not limited to: $100 People's Choice (to be chosen by attendees voting on site) and $200 Technical Merit.

$1,000 Grand Prize: Susan Walsh | Green Carden

$100 People’s Choice: Cheryl Hopper | My Awakening

$200 Technical Merit: Susan Walsh | Green Garden


Fashion: Annette Hynes | Eddy Tunic

Accessories:  Lucy Yu | White Shadow Mobius Shawl

Home Decor and Afghans:  Quinny Zhang | Rainbow in Cloud

Thread Crochet: Grace Fearon | Primrose Doily

Artistic Expression: Marita Valdizan | HOLI

Young Designer: Grace Rosburg | Netted Crop Top

First Time Entrant/Non-Professional: Carolyn Hanson | Florescence


CGOA 2017 Design Competition

We thank you everyone who entered the competition for this year.


Join Us In Thanking Our Magnificent Sponsors for 2017

Grand Prize of $1000 - Red Heart

Afghans $600 -Caron

Accessories $600 - Clover

Young Designer $600 - Marian G. Wilburn Foundation

Peoples Choice $100 - Annies

Technical Merit $200 - Creative Yarn Source

Artistic Expressions $600 - DMC

Fashion $600 - Susan Bates

Thread $600 - Herrschners

 First Time Entrant $600 - WEBS




The competition is open to all current CGOA members, at all membership levels, excluding judges.  Entries must be primarily crocheted.  Other fiber, needle and creating arts may be incorporated in your design, but the overall impression must be crochet.  Any materials may be used. 

Entries must be original designs that have not been previously entered in this competition, previously published in any print or electronic media, or otherwise publicly available before the date of competition (our judges need to have never seen this work before).  Entries do not have to be new or recently crocheted, as long as they are your own designs. 

Design Categories

There will be 7 judging categories this year plus a bonus category:

1.        Fashion: Garments (not accessories), including sweaters, tops, jackets, vests, skirts and dresses.

2.        Accessories:  Including wraps, scarves, cowls, socks, mittens, hats, bags, belts and jewelry.

3.        Home Decor and Afghans:  Items primarily for the home, including afghans and throws, baby blankets.

4.        Thread Crochet: Anything made in crochet thread or fine/lace weight yarn (CYC category #0/Lace); this category may overlap other categories, and includes dollies, garments, baby clothes, accessories.

5.        Artistic Expression: Items more artistic in nature, including free-form and mixed media pieces, wall hangings, wearable art.

6.        Young Designer: Anything designed with yarn and/or crochet thread by members 25 years old and younger.  Designer may turn 26 in the year of the competition.  As long as sometime during the year 2018 he or she was 25.

7.        First Time Entrant/Non-Professional: 
Anything designed with yarn and/or crochet thread by someone who has never entered the design competition before and is not a crochet professional.  Non-professionals have not had any of their crochet designs published in print or PDF format.

Decide which category best describes your entry.  If you are unsure of the category, you can allow the committee to place your design where it fits best.  If your design is an ensemble or a grouping, please limit the number of separate pieces to no more than three per single entry.  You may submit as many entries in any category or categories as you wish, but each entry will require a separate entry form and the full entry fee.


The entry fee is $20 (Twenty US dollars) for each and every separate design.  Payment of fees will be part of the official entry process through the CGOA website and NOT a check mailed in the same package as your crocheted entry.

Your design will be shipped to you free of charge, but you are responsible for the cost of shipping your design to the receiving location to arrive by the deadline.


Entries will be evaluated by a panel of three impartial judges across a range of qualities including: design appeal, use of stitches, color, selection of materials, workmanship, finishing and functionality as indicated.  Judges will not know the names of designers until after the judging is over.


Winners will be announced during the Excellence in Crochet Awards Ceremony.  You do not have to be present to enter or to win. 

Cash prizes will be awarded:  one $1,000 Grand Prize, and for each of the 7 judging categories one $300 First Prize, one $200 Second Prize and one $100 Third Prize.  There will also be special awards including, but not limited to: $100 People's Choice (to be chosen by attendees voting on site) and $200 Technical Merit.

Entry Form

The entry form is electronic online. 

Do not complete and submit the form until your crocheted design is finished and ready to send, in case you incorporate last minute changes; your design must exactly match the description given in your entry form.

If you are entering more than one design, you will need to fill out and submit a separate entry form for each design. 

Preparing Your Design

Please make sure your entry is clean, fragrance/odor-free and presented to the best of your ability.  We strongly suggest proper blocking and finishing.  Appearances matter.

Written patterns are not required.  However, if you want to include information about your inspiration, techniques and materials (anything you'd like the judges to know), there will be a place for comments in the electronic entry form. 

Do not sew or otherwise permanently attach any kind of identification to your entry.  Instead, please use a removable hang-tag or other small form of ID, securely tied or pinned to each piece, with your name and the title of your design clearly printed on each tag.

Sending Your Design

You may ship multiple entries in the same package.  Package size is limited by the dimensions allowed by USPS, but please do not send entries weighing more than 20 pounds!

You are responsible for shipping your package to the receiving location.  You will be notified by email that your entry has been received. 

Be assured that your entry will be treated with the utmost care and respect. 

There will be a section to please leave a little information about yourself; when you started designing, who taught you, as well as a little information about your design; what was your inspiration, any funny stories that go along with it, etc.  Feel free to include any information you would like to share. 

Getting Your Entries Back

All entries will be on display for the duration of the conference.  If you plan to attend the conference and wish to take your entry home, there will be a sign-out procedure on-site.  Otherwise, entries will be return shipped to the address you list on your entry form, as soon after the conference as feasible.  Shipping will be via USPS Priority Mail wherever possible; tracking information will be provided if you include an e-mail address in your entry form. 

Designer Agreement

By entering this competition you agree:

  • You are a current member of CGOA in good standing.
  • Your entry is your own original work, not previously entered in this competition, not previously published in any print or electronic media and not otherwise publicly available before the judging date.
  • Allow your name and likeness and images of your entry may be used during and following the competition for purposes of information and promotion.
  • Winning garments may be modeled for photography and shown during the Awards Ceremony and in the CGOA Fashion Show as needed. 
  • You do not hold this committee, CGOA, Offinger Management, our sponsors or the event venue responsible for any incidental or accidental wear or damage to your entry.