CGOA Hall of Fame 2019 Winner
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CGOA Hall of Fame


CGOA is proud to announce the 2019 winner of the Jean Leinhauser CGOA Crochet Hall of Fame.

Nancy Nehring

Truly a pioneer, Nancy Nehring has been on a personal quest for years to explore, research, and disseminate information about many unknown aspects of crochet. Her background as a research chemist influenced her perseverance for getting to the root of historic crochet topics. Years before CGOA even existed, she was following her own path to publishing about her crochet passions. Through lectures, teaching and the written word, Nancy shares her goal of familiarizing someone about crochet each day. Her website, is a wealth of knowledge; and her research continues. During 2019, she will continue her collaboration with Pauline Turner (2018 Inductee) on Bosnian crochet.