2019 Design Competition Winners
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Thank you to our generous sponsors for 2019


Gwen Blakley-Kinsler




CGOA 2019 Design Competition Winners


2019 Design Competition Winners

Judging Categories Accessories Sponsored by CGOA

3rd Place – Star Bright by Laurinda Reddig

2nd Place – Barker Cowl by Anna Murphy

1st Place – Rainbow Wrap by Christine Gervais

Artistic Expression Sponsored by M2H Designs

3rd place – Amigurumi Fox by Donna Childs

2nd place – BeeWoman by Zann Carter

1st place – Domestic Geometry – Anne Jones

Fashion Sponsored by CGOA

Honorable Mention – Silken Silver Cardigan by Jenny King

Honorable Mention - Cornerstone Top by Kathryn White

3rd place – Harmony by Hyang Cho

2nd place – Sashiko Happy Coat by Susan Walsh

1st place – Blue Willow by Susan Walsh

Home Décor & Afghans Sponsored by Spinrite

3rd place – Over the Moon Baby Blanket by Evelyn Leonard

2nd place – Blooming Baby Blanket by Monica Mance

1st place – Floral Tiles Pillow by Joyce Geisler

Thread Crochet Sponsored by DMC

Honorable Mention – Fire Flower Doily by Gwen Buttke McGann

3rd place – Munchkin Mini by Christine Gervais

2nd place – Occulus of Stars by Julia Hart

1st place – Crochet Sampler Book by Nancy Nehring

Tunisian Sponsored by Clover

3rd place – Jona Shawl by Brenda Bourg

2nd place – Silver Sampler Shawl by Maxine Pike

1st place – Penny’s Puzzle by Sandy Walker

Technical Merit Award Sponsored by WEBS

Sashiko Happy Coat by Susan Walsh

Founder’s Silver Award Sponsored by Gwen Blakely Kinsler

Domestic Geometry by Anne Jones

Grand Prize Sponsored by Red Heart

Rockabilly Swing Dress by Nancy Nehring