2020 Education Program

Education Pricing

Note Onsite class ticket price will be $10.00 more per 3 hour class and $20.00 more per 6 hours class.


Member Price

Non-Member Price

3 hour classes

$85.00 each

$105.00 each

6 hours classes

$170.00 each

$210.00 each

Coming soon class detail, day and times.

Bonnie Barker

  • Asymmetrical Scarves Demystified
  • Beginning Knitting for Crocheters
  • BIG & BOLD Cables: A New Approach to Larger Crocheted Cables
  • Fun Crochet Fabric for Beginners!
  • How to Design Your Own Texturized Poncho or Stole
  • I LOVE Crochet Cables!

Vashti Braha

  • Big-Hook Slip Stitch Crochet
  • Bivector, The Class
  • Flowerfall
  • Mindbender Mobius
  • Return-Pass Hijinks!
  • The Starwirbel Way: Lacy Star Stitches
  • Tall Stitch Virtuosity

Lily Chin

  • Crochet Tips and Tricks
  • Crocheted Fox Paws Pattern Stitch
  • Double-Ended, Circular Tunisian Tapestry
  • Ridgeless Rows
  • Shape-Shifting Hat
  • Tunisian Outlined Diamonds in the Round

Edie Eckman

  • (You Want Me to) Put My Hook WHERE?
  • Crochet Confidence
  • Design Your Own Border
  • Everything You've Always Wanted to Know About Gauge
  • Join Together: Six Join-As-You-Go Crochet Methods
  • Math for Crocheters
  • Understanding Symbol Crochet

Andee Graves

  • Needle Felted Heart Full of Love Pin

Allison Hoffman

  • AmiguruME Eats to Squeeze and Sniff
  • AmiguruME with Personality!
  • Family Portrait Ornaments (People Only)
  • Family Portrait Ornaments (Pets Version)

Melissa Leapman

  • Crazy Cool Crochet
  • Fearless Fair Isle
  • Master the Miter
  • Mosaic Crochet

Nancy Nehring

  • Make Your Own Wood Crochet Hook

Laurinda Reddig

  • Broomstick Lace Star Inserts
  • Cables Over the Edge
  • Endless Knot Cables
  • Introduction to Reversible Intarsia – Half Double Crochet

Jennifer Ryan

  • Bunches of Textured Stitches - WITHOUT using post stitches
  • Bunches of Textured Stitches II - (still WITHOUT post stitches)
  • Celtic Knot Crochet II
  • Intro to Celtic Knot Crochet
  • Jewelry Techniques for Crocheters

Karen Whooley

  • Fabulous Finishing
  • Linked and Extended: A New Take on Crochet Stitches
  • Socks: Cuff-Down the Crochet Way
  • Top-Down Sweaters: Crochet Style
  • Tunisian Basics

Myra Wood

  • Crochet Flower Embellishments
  • Freeform Crochet
  • Intro to Modern Irish Crochet
  • Modern Irish Crochet 2: netting and construction of garments