Professional Development Sessions


Re-imagined Professional Development Day! Special thanks to our fabulous group of instructors who have agreed to share their wisdom and experience via Zoom over the next several months – hereby known as Professional Development Wednesdays!

These 90-minute sessions will be facilitated by established crochet professionals with experience in all areas of the business of crochet. Crochet professionals include designers, bloggers, teachers, authors, tech editors, contract crocheters, writers, and anyone who makes money from their crochet. If you fall into one or more of these categories or have considered turning your hobby into a business, CGOA's Professional Development Wednesdays are for you. 

Zoom Links will emailed out the Monday prior to the class.

Jean Glass

August 19, 2020 | Wednesday 1:30- 3:00 CDT

My name is Jean Elizabeth Glass, and I own a craft business. Actually, I have owned many craft businesses. I have sold hand-made crafts in the French Market in New Orleans, had a brick and mortar store, have sold at craft shows and music festivals, and currently sell on-line and at fiber shows. I teach, design and, the thing I am most proud of, help support 25 other small businesses. I think a business is a living thing that needs to grow with you and with your customers. I have picked up so many tips and tricks over the years, and I would love to share some with you to help you create your business. It can be so rewarding to have a small business. It is a lot of work, but it is totally worth it.  

 registration closes on 8/16/20 or when the class is filled

Lily Chin 

September 23, 2020 | Wednesday 1:30- 3:00 CDT

Design Inspiration
Have you ever wondered where ideas come from?  Where do designers draw their inspiration from?  How do they interpret their ideas into reality?  What problems arise?  What challenges are posed?  What details do they specifically look for?  What special tools are involve?  See the many examples of source and result in this show-and-tell lecture.  Bring a dose of practical to the imaginative. Truly learn how to translate your ideas into practical crocheting. *WARNING*:  Most of the samples from this class are knitted, but applications for crochet are obvious & same principles apply.   

About Lily Chin
Lily M. Chin is an internationally famous knitter and crocheter who has worked in the yarn industry for almost 40 years, as a designer, instructor, and author of 8 books on knitting and crochet. She has done looks for the New York Fashion Week runway collections of designers Ralph Lauren, Vera Wang, Diane von Furstenberg, and Isaac Mizrahi, and her work has been on the backs of celebrities and super models. She was named a “Master Knitter” by Vogue Knitting. She is regularly cited in media across the U.S., including the Late Show with David Letterman, Martha, CBS Morning News, CNN, HGTV, and more. Lily Chin has lived in New York City all her life and has been involved in some aspect of the fashion industry since age 13. Her DVD's on both knitting and crochet have been released by Interweave Press. Her online classes are available from

registration closes on 9/20/20 or when the class is filled

Lindsey Stephens

October 21, 2020 | Wednesday 1:30- 3:00 CDT

Technical Editing
What is technical editing and why is it important? In this class you will learn all about the technical  editing process for crochet patterns as you discover how a technical editor takes a pattern from good to great. I'll introduce you to the 3-facets of technical editing. Along the way, you will learn the most common pattern writing pitfalls to avoid. Learn about the process to become a technical editor and best practices for working with a technical editor. 

About Lindsey Stephens
Lindsey Stephens is a crochet technical editor and teacher. She has worked in crochet for over a decade. You might already know her as the crochet designer behind Poetry in Yarn. Lindsey spends her time crafting 24/6 (no crafting on Shabbos). She shares her expertise, with her signature wit and humor, on her website

registration closes on 10/18/20 or when the class is filled

Jennifer Ryan

November 18, 2020 | Wednesday 1:30- 3:00 CDT

“30+ Tips for Submitting Your Precious Design Ideas to Publishers”
This class will walk you through all the steps of submitting your ideas to magazine publishers and yarn companies, including: researching publishers, receiving requests for designs, organizing your ideas, sending in proposals and negotiating fees and rights.  We will also brainstorm with actual design requests from publishers and talk through the submission process with attendees’ ideas. Class includes an extensive handout (pdf printable) with various worksheets.

About Jennifer Ryan
Jennifer E Ryan is an award-winning published crochet designer who has many years of teaching experience with all ages in a wide variety of art and academic settings. Her crochet designs can be seen in several crochet publications and on her blog, “Celtic Knot Crochet”.  Jennifer's specialty is combining Celtic Knots with crochet and she was excited to travel to Ireland with Annie’s and Craftours as the celebrity instructor in 2016. She also enjoys all of the creative possibilities there are with large scale "yarn graffiti". In July 2014  and 2019 she designed and implemented the yarn bomb projects in honor of CGOA's 20th and 25th anniversaries during our conferences in Manchester, NH. At last year's conference you may have watched her perform during the "Friday Night Singalong" or attended one of her sold out classes. You can see all of her work at

registration closes on 11/15/20 or when the class is filled

Pam Grice

December 16, 2020 | Wednesday 1:30- 3:00 CDT

IS A CROCHET BUSINESS RIGHT FOR YOU? If you've ever asked, "Can I make money with crochet?" The answer is YES! But finding the right crochet business for you can be tricky. In this class, we'll talk about the traits of successful handmade business owners, the various business models available to crocheters (from selling physical products, to design, to tech editing), and how to get started on the right foot based on your unique circumstances, time availability, and, even, personality style. Join us to find out if starting a crochet business is the next best step for you!

About Pam Grice
Pam Grice is a crochet maker and designer, blogger, psychotherapist, and business coach. As is a six-figure Etsy seller, Pam's product and design shop, Made with a Twist, is listed in the top 1% of all Etsy shops worldwide. She has recently retired her private counseling practice and turned her love of crochet into a full-time gig after growing a virtual Crochetpreneur empire to include coaching, a business academy, podcast, and live retreat for crochet business owners. Pam has helped hundreds of crochetpreneurs to grow their business from passion project to profitability.

registration closes on 12/13/20 or when the class is filled