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Hooks Special Interest Group
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The Hooks Special Interest Group

The Hooks Special Interest Group of the Crochet Guild of America was founded on August 21, 1999 at the Chain Link crochet conference. The Hooks group:

1. Supports the CGOA by:

a. Writing a column for the Chain Link newsletter.
b. Answering questions from members and non-members about their hooks; i.e., "How old is this hook?" etc.

2. Provides education about hooks through:

a. Research
b. Collecting historical / current advertising.
c. Continuing to work on a Crochet Hook Classification system.
d. Providing correct historical information about hooks.

The Hooks group aims to have a special Hooks display at every national Chain Link conference, and also to have an educational and organizational meeting at each conference.

Mission Statement

The purpose of the Hooks Special Interest Group is to educate the CGOA membership about crochet hooks and their history. To this end we will research, preserve, and document crochet hooks.