Definition of Master
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Definition of a Crochet Master

There could be as many definitions of "master" as it applies to crochet as there are crocheters. A Master has nothing to do with the number of years the candidate has been crocheting, or how many hundreds of projects have been made.

For the purposes of the CGOA program, the standards for a Master are as follows:

  1. Reads, follows and executes instructions as they are presented. Although the crocheter may prefer to use different methods, for this program the candidate is to follow the written instructions as given.
  1. Creates even, neat stitches, and maintains a standard gauge throughout a swatch.
  2. Chooses an appropriate hook size for the yarn being used.
  3. Weaves in all yarn ends securely and invisibly.
  4. Counts work to be sure each swatch has the correct number of stitches in each row, and that the correct number of rows have been worked for each swatch.
  5. Does not assume that the first time working a swatch of a new stitch is the swatch to submit. Is able to evaluate the work and takes time to be sure that the very best work is presented. Should be able to find errors prior to finalizing a swatch.
  6. Shows understanding of basic crochet principles in answers to questions.
  7. Satisfactorily completes ALL written and crocheted work as presented in the program instructions.
  8. Work is to be clean (free of stains, odors, pet hair, etc.) and presented in a professional looking manner.

Second Chance

NOTE: Rework in the CGOA Masters program may be required if material presented is not satisfactory. If there are five or more unsatisfactory items identified by the reviewer, the portfolio will be returned as "Not Passing At This Time". See "Second Review" application form, with additional fees required to resubmit a non-passing portfolio.