CGOA Masters Programs
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CGOA Masters Programs


CGOA Masters offers currently two programs, Fundamentals of Crochet and Advanced Stitches & Techniques, which may be done in either order. With the multiple programs available, the Masters Committee strongly recommends that participants in a program fully complete one—including submitting the portfolio for review, correcting any errors and receiving the certificate—before submitting another portfolio for a different curriculum. There is some overlap between the curriculums, but we are finding that it is better to complete one program before starting another.


Both programs are open to members and non-members.



Fundamentals of Crochet

Skill Level: All

Program Type: 54 page instructional workbook




The CGOA Masters Program, Fundamentals of Crochet, is designed for all levels of crocheters to better understand the concepts and principles underpinning all crochet. This is an instructional based course that shares in-depth knowledge and encourages participants to explore the structure of stitches, the concepts of pattern reading, the art of finish work, and much more.


This 54 page program workbook will guide you through crocheting 17 swatches for submission. You will also answer 36 questions in relation to swatches you are asked to work and the material presented to you. You will complete a Master Project as a cumulative example of the skills you learned during the program.


The program is divided into eight sections:


  • Chapter One - Pattern Reading: Gain insight in various abbreviations, terms, and methods for understanding written patterns.
  • Chapter Two - Beginning Chains: Learn different approaches to this crochet essential including Foundation Stitches, while expanding your knowledge of the limitations and expectations.
  • Chapter Three - Circles: Learn three different ways to work in the round, joining, increases, as well as the importance of circumference.
  • Chapter Four - Basic Stitch Locations: Gain insight about front and back loops, post stitches, working in the bars of stitches, spike stitches, the importance of yarn overs and turning chains.
  • Chapter Five - Gauge: Learn how to measure gauge and its effect on drape.
  • Chapter Six - Weaving In Ends: Explore various ways of finishing your work in a professional manner in five different end weaving techniques.
  •  Chapter Seven - Blocking: Learn how this simple technique, with six different approaches, can take your work from good to stunning.
  •  Chapter Eight - Masters Project: Complete the given pattern to highlight all the knowledge shared in the previous chapters.

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Advanced Stitches and Techniques

Skill Level: Intermediate to Advanced

Program Type: 27 page program that tests your mastery of crochet techniques




The CGOA Masters Program, Advanced Crochet Stitches and Techniques, is for intermediate to advanced crocheters to show mastery of advanced crochet techniques and stitches.


Program: 27 page book that will test your knowledge of advanced stitches and techniques. When you have completed the program, you will have crocheted 48 swatches and answered multiple questions showing your knowledge.


The program is divided into seven parts:


  • Part One: Getting Started
  • Part Two: Gauge – demonstrate your understanding of gauge by answering various questions and creating a swatch. An explanation is given for the Golden Loop method of adjusting row gauge, which is a challenge for many crocheters.
  • Part Three: Special Stitches – working special stitches such as extended stitches and linked stitches.
  • Part Four: Textured Stitches – this section includes working in back or front loops only, post stitches, front and back popcorns, clusters, puff stitches, cables, shells, fans, bullion or roll stitches and picots.
  • Part Five: Stitch Patterns – Here you will work swatches of 10 advanced decorative stitch patterns, using many of the techniques already covered. Instructions are given for each, but there are no photos so this will challenge your ability to carefully read and follow written patterns.
  • Part Six: Motifs – work a variety of motifs, including a square, triangle, pentagon, hexagon, a dimensional flower, etc.
  • Part Seven: Final Touches - This covers final touches, such as edgings (including reverse single crochet or crab stitch) and braids.

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