CGOA Masters Program FAQ
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What about those of us who crochet left-handed?
The materials do not make any special provision for left-handers. However, if you are considering enrolling, you must be at least at the Intermediate level and are probably used to following instructions written for right-handers. If so, you should have little trouble with the program.

Deadlines | There is no deadline.

Second Chance | 
Note the special timeframes required for re-enrolling.

One Shipment | Note that all of the course material comes to you in one shipment; you receive everything at one time and return everything at one time.

Review Timeframes | A host of qualified volunteer reviewers thoughtfully and carefully examine each swatch and response you have sent in. Because more than one reviewer is involved, and the portfolios are shipped between them, it takes approximately two months to conduct a proper review.

Enroll today! We hope to be able to add your name to the growing Masters of Advanced Crochet Stitches and Techniques graduates, soon.