About the CGOA Masters Program
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CGOA Master of Advanced Crochet Stitches and Techniques 

The CGOA Masters Committee, led by the late Jean Leinhauser, created the CGOA Masters Program offering called the CGOA Master of Advanced Crochet Stitches and Techniques. Intermediate or better crocheters are invited to enroll to stretch their knowledge and show mastery of advanced crochet techniques and stitches.

The Masters program is not a program for beginning crocheters, but is open to both members and non-members of CGOA. Best of all, it is easy to enroll — just select a Masters Course in the CGOA Store. Direct all other correspondence to CGOA@Crochet.org or CGOA, 8120 Lehigh Ave, Suite 100, Morton Grove, Il 60053.

Once you sign up, what can you expect? You will receive via e-mail or mail a program workbook that will guide you through crocheting 48 swatches and you will answer a few questions. All swatches are to be made in worsted weight acrylic yarn (Group 4) in a light, solid color. You will create a portfolio by tagging each swatch with your name and swatch number, and placing swatches and your question answers in plastic sleeves in 3-ring binders. You will then ship your portfolio for review. All reviewers are CGOA members and are trained to review the program.

If you need help along the way, visit the Ravelry Group for the CGOA Master's Program. It was created to give you a place to ask questions and receive answers designed to help you toward receiving the Master’s certificate and pin. The Masters reviewers watch this group for questions and help answer. If you are not comfortable in a group situation, you can always contact us through CGOA@Crochet.org to get help as well.

Watch for helpful crochet courses and Crochet Masters events at CGOA Conferences.

Your portfolio will be returned with a written review of your work. Sometimes minor rework is necessary and sometimes when a large number of problems are identified, it will be necessary to reapply at a later time. Upon successful completion an attractive certificate will be sent to you. All who successfully complete the program are eligible to have their Master’s pin awarded in person at CGOA Conference.

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