Updates to the CGOA Master Program Materials
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From time to time there may be updates or edits made to the CGOA Master of Advanced Stitches & Techniques materials. If you have enrolled in the program and have received your materials, you will note there is a "Version" date at the bottom of each page.

If you are working through the materials, you should check to see if updates have been made. If you are working from an outdated version, you need to request that a free copy of the newest version be emailed or mailed to you (notify CGOA@crochet.org) so you can make sure your submission complies before you send it in.

08/28/14 – This is the date of the latest version of the instructions (the revision level appears at the bottom of each page).

Updates include those made since these versions: 10/05/12 and 3/05/13 and 3/14/13. A list of the revisions are given in this document. Updates since the 5/8/13 version are found here. The updates necessitating the 12/12/13 version are as follows: An updated "Candidate Information Sheet" is included, and on Page One under "Requirements" it used to say "Work all stitches in both loops unless otherwise specified."  That statement has been replaced with: "When working into a row or round of stitches, work under both loops of the stitch indicated, unless otherwise instructed. When working into the starting chain, follow the instructions given for swatches 1-3. In the rest of the swatches, you may use your preferred method of working into the starting chain, unless specific instructions are given."

The 04/03/14 version includes the following revisions: Swatch 33, Row 3, the following was added back in to the end of the instructions, "ch 1, turn." (those final instructions had been mistakenly deleted in some earlier versions); and the old CGOA logo was replaced throughout the document.

The 08/28/14 version includes the following revision: Swatch 26, Rows 7 and 8 previously said, "With Color B, rep Row 3; at end of last row finish off." The update version says, "With Color B, rep Row 3; at end of last row, do not ch or turn; finish off."