Crochet Stitches for Left-Handers - Triple Crochet
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Triple Crochet (tr) - Left-Handed Instructions


Triple crochet, like single and double crochet, builds on a foundation chain as a base. However triple crochet has extra height because extra loops are worked off the hook.

Foundation Chain and First Row


For a practice swatch of 12 stitches, make a foundation chain of 15 stitches. Holding the foundation chain with the front facing you, yarn over twice and put the hook into the fifth chain from the hook. (D58B)

Yarn over and pull it through one loop. There should be four loops still on the hook. (D59)

Yarn over again and pull the hook through the next two loops, leaving three loops on the hook. (D60)

Yarn over once more and pull through two loops on the hook, leaving two remaining loops. (D62)

Yarn over for the fourth time and pull the hook through the last two loops. You will have one loop on the hook. (D64 & D65)

Continue working across, making one triple crochet in each chain. At the end of the row, you should have 12 stitches, counting the four chains you skipped at the beginning of the row as one stitch. Chain 4 and turn to continue.

Second Row and all other rows

Yarn over and insert your hook into the second stitch. Work a triple crochet in each stitch of the previous row. Work the last stitch into the turning chain of the previous row. Note these two differences between triple and double crochet rows:

  • At the beginning of a triple crochet row, you yarn over twice instead of once.
  • At the end of the triple crochet row, you chain 4 (not 3) making the triple crochet taller.

Work a double crochet in each stitch across. The last stitch should be worked into the turning chain of the previous row. Insert the hook into the top chain (D56)

Since you count the turning chain as a stitch in double crochet, you should make a stitch in it. Count your stitches. You should still have 12. Chain 3 and turn to continue.


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