Crochet Stitches for Right-Handers - Slip Stitch
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Slip Stitch (sl st) - Left-Handed Instructions
A slip stitch is used to join the first and last chains in a foundation chain to form a ring. This is the first step in making many motifs, including the ever popular granny square. Insert the hook into the first chain, under both the top part of the chain in the front and the back loop. (D90)

Yarn over, and bring the yarn through both the chain and the loop that is on the hook. You have completed one slip stitch, and have formed a ring. (D91)

To work into the ring, insert the hook into the center of the ring and work the crochet stitches as you would normally.

The slip stitch is also used to join rounds, crochet seams, or finish the edge of a project. You would not ordinarily make an entire crocheted item out of only slip stitches.

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