Teachers For CGOA Chapters
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Teacher Contact List for CGOA Chapter Workshops

The following teachers have provided their contact information and indicated they are interested in teaching chapter workshops. You are invited to contact them and make arrangements with them about coming to do a program for you.


Margaret Crossland 

Phone: (415) 584-9394
E-mail: mxcrossland@aol.com
30 Aptos Ave, San Francisco, CA 94127

The class is to crochet a 2" bear out of copper wire and a wire necklace with beads to hang the bear on. Once students get the hang of copper wire the bear and necklace can be made of sterling silver wire. These are really cute. I can e-mail photos.


Gail des Granges
E-mail: ndlbks@hevanet.com
3241 NE 75th Ave, Portland, OR 97213

Tunisian Fundamentals (3-hour class): Stretch your crochet skills on the looong Tunisian needle. Investigate the characteristics of the four basic Tunisian stitches, then examine and work samples of just a few of the exciting fabrics possible in this increasingly popular technique.

Tunisian in the Round (3-hour class): Move on from rows to rounds in Tunisian crochet. Make hats, bags, baskets or anything three-dimensional. Learn two methods of starting circular work, as well as how to continue the circles into a small bag which will be begun in class and finished later. We'll work on joining rounds, shaping strategies, and using different pattern stitches for embellishment.

Woven Crochet (3-hour class): Weaving in and out of a crochet fabric can be a wonderful way to use some of the exciting novelty yarns available, but even standard yarns can make interesting fabrics for clothing or household items. The base can be a simple filet, but other openwork patterns are possible, too. We'll try simple weaving as well as some other interlacement structures, using single or multiple yarns. This is a class for playing!

Bringing Sides Together (3-hour class): Instead of hiding on the inside, seams can add a striking, decorative, or even baroque character when worked on the outside of your piece. Learn some wonderful ways to connect two sides and add a different look to your garment or household item from braid to lace to ruffles.

Button, Button (3-hours): Sometimes the best button for your projects is one you make yourself. You'll learn how easy it is to crochet wonderful buttons, simple or elaborate, to make the perfect closure--or even a conversation piece.

Tunisian Hills and Valleys (6-hours): Let your Tunisian needle and your imagination combine to produce a small landscape in yarn. We'll build mountains, valleys, and sky in various Tunisian stitch patterns using short rows. This is a wonderful opportunity to become familiar with this useful shaping technique.Experiment with different yarns in any color combination you desire. When finished, your piece can be the focal point of a clothing or home decor item.


Darla J. Fanton
E-mail: djfant@frontier.com

Topics: Double-ended hook crochet, Tunisian Crochet, Hairpin Lace, Broomstick Lace, Crochet Illusions, Bead Crochet. Brochure available upon request.

Melissa Leapman
E-mail: MLeapman@msn.com

345 E 86th St., Ste 15-F New York, NY 10028

Crochet and knitting topics. Brochure available upon request.


Diane Stone

Phone: (205) 669-6160
E-mail: DWcraftyLady@aol.com

172 Ola Drive Shelby, Al 35143

I am a published crochet designer for Leisure Arts, Annies Attic, and House of White Birches. I have also lectured on the subject of design.


Diana Toni

Phone: (732) 721-0389
E-mail: dancinghooks@aol.com

90 Woodmere Dr, Parlin, NJ 08859

As a self-taught and very passionate crocheter for over 35 years DIANA TONI is a published designer who strives to design pieces of beauty and elegance "The  Simple Way." The award winning "Whirlwind Shrug" published in Spring 2013 issue of Crochet! Magazine is her favorite. She also designs for numerous yarn companies including Lion Brand Yarn Company. As a certified instructor by CYCA Diana's organizational skills and teaching includes workshops,seminars, demonstrations, local yarn stores and Michael's Arts and Craft stores.

Diana also runs her own company "Dancing Fingers LLC" and  invented the "Yarn Dancer."  A new hands free tool that automatically pulls and winds yarn.


Carol Ventura

Phone: (931) 858-5989

E-mail: cventura@tntech.edu Web: www.tapestrycrochet.com

605 Vickers Ridge Rd, Baxter, TN 38544

Karen Whooley

Phone: (425) 954-5793
E-mail: karen@karenwhooley.com   Web: www.KarenWhooley.com

4720 119th Pl SE, Everett, WA 98208

Wide variety of crochet and knit topics. For details and class listing visit: http://karenwhooley.com/workshops/.